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About the Profit Prophet

No one knows for sure exactly where he came from but some time ago, the wise and kindly Profit Prophet began spreading the word throughout the steel industry about his vision for toll processing nirvana: He Who Wastes Least, Profits Most.

Bedecked in robes and smiling knowingly, the Profit Prophet has been enlightening steel mills, service centers and OEM’s about the peace of mind that can be had by sending steel to one processor (yes, Ferrous) for one-stop processing with less waste, more profits.

Naturally, we couldn’t agree more. Ferrous can help you reduce wasted time and money from one end of your processing chain to the other.

“He Who Wastes Least Profits Most”

It really is as simple as it sounds.

As a Ferrous customer, you can be the “HE” who ends up profiting most. By specifying Ferrous for all of your toll processing needs, you can eliminate all types of waste—wasted steel due to yield loss, waste due to supply chain inefficiencies, wasted time, wasted shipping costs, wasted opportunities and, yes, even wasted paperwork.

It all adds up to a lot more profit.

What makes Ferrous able to offer this solution to wasted time and money is, quite simply, our ability to take care of all your toll processing needs in one location. We’re set up for all-inclusive processing. As such, we can offer you some impressive opportunities for cost and time efficiencies that can translate into big bottom line numbers.

No multiple shipping charges.

Why send your steel on tour, traveling from one processor to another? Ship to one location—Ferrous—for all your processing without any extra shipping charges.

Convenient location, low cost rail service.

Our on-site rail service keeps shipping costs down. Way down.

Greater yields, greater savings.

Ferrous can handle the big boys—coils up to 80,000 lbs. And since your coils won’t be shipped all over town, damage will be reduced, “spoilage” minimized.

Less paperwork, fewer headaches.

How good would it be to make one phone call and know that all of your processing will be handled and your material will be ready and delivered as needed, with just one invoice? Pretty darn good.

Reliable, convenient delivery.

Having control of our own transportation fleet, Ferrous Metal Transfer, ensures that your steel gets delivered where you want it, when you want it.

Cold rolled conversion too.

Never in toll processing history has it been this simple to expand your markets and increase your profits. Our new state of the art anneal facility, paired with our pickle line and 60″ combination reversing mill, enables us to quickly turn your hot rolled into high value, high profit cold rolled. We give you a viable supply path to compete in cold rolled markets without an investment.

Waste less and profit more. Call Ferrous.